Comfortable, Anxiety and Pain-free Anesthesia clinic in Dubai, UAE

Most of us are afraid to visit the dentist; this is why we ignore our routine dental check-up. Most patients are seeking treatment only in case of pain, which will lead to a decline in our oral health and later on overall health. At Park Avenue Dental clinic, we assure patients that their treatment will be painless and anxiety-free. We are known in Dubai as the best pain management clinic and provide patients with pain-free sedation when needed, so as to calm them down as well as help their anxiety vanish. Through these techniques, the patient will be calm and comfortable during the treatment while still being awake.

At Park Avenue Dental Clinic in Dubai, we offer unparalleled sedation dentistry techniques to help anxious patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatments. We offer safe and pain-free dental care services for kids as well as for adults. Due to our expertise and immense expertise in sedation dentistry we can calm and comfortably treat even the most fearful patients. 

Types of Sedation Offered at Park Avenue Dental Clinic.

Sedation dentistry is commonly known as sleep dentistry. Our anesthesiologist uses certain sedative medication which makes the patient drowsy and many of them sleep away during the procedure. This helps them work with ease and more efficiently. At Park Avenue Dental clinic our dentist’s will help you decide the type of sedation that’s right for you. Your dental procedure, overall health, history of allergies, anxiety levels will all determine the best approach on your case.

The following are the types of sedation procedure offered by us

  1. The Wand - The wand is a revolutionary piece of equipment that makes use of the computer-controlled delivery system to gently filter a measured dose of anesthetic liquid between the tooth and the gums in order to achieve a complete pain-free numbing effect.
  2. Inhalation Sedation - Inhalation sedation involves the use of nitrous oxide commonly known as “laughing gas” to help patients relax. It is delivered through a mask much like a nose piece. This type of sedation is safe, fun and extremely effective calm nervous children.
  3. Oral Sedation - Oral sedative medications are delivered by mouth mostly via pills to calm and relax patients Oral sedative medications are usually given the night before or half an hour before dental procedures depending on the severity of your anxiety. 
  4. The Green Whistle - Here at Park Avenue we make use of the Green Whistle. It is a simple way of delivering a sedative dose of nitrous gas without a nose piece, which can sometimes be claustrophobic. This is a tool that looks exactly like a whistle.
  5. General Anesthesia - General Anesthesia is a safe state of controlled unconsciousness. You will be put to sleep while your dentist performs the dental procedure. This type of sedation is ideal for patients who are uncooperative or whose behavioral problems make it impossible for the dentist to carry out procedures in treatments or surgeries. This is one of the best sedation procedures for children and can be given in the form of an injection or by inhalation techniques of sedation.

Painless Dentistry Services in Dubai”

If you are ignoring your oral health because of fear or anxiety, then your problem is solved. At Park Avenue Dental Clinic the word ‘PAIN is not in our dictionary.