Best in Class Oral Restoration and Rehabilitation Services in Dubai, UAE

Full mouth rehabilitation, reconstruction and restoration are terms often used interchangeably to describe the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. Oral restoration refers to rebuilding and/or replacing all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. Full mouth reconstructions combine esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth and usually involve general or restorative dentists (performing procedures like crowns, bridges and veneers), and can incorporate dental specialists like periodontists (specializing in the gums), oral surgeons, orthodontists (specializing in tooth movements and positions) and endodontists (specializing in the tooth pulp).

You may consider full mouth reconstruction if:

  • Teeth that have been lost due to decay or trauma.
  • Teeth that have been injured or fractured.
  • Teeth that have become severely worn as a result of long-term acid erosion (foods, beverages, acid reflux) or tooth grinding.
  • Ongoing complaints of jaw, muscle and headache pain requiring adjustments to the bite (occlusion).

Park Avenue Dental Clinic is one of the leading oral healthcare clinic in Dubai, UAE for advanced dentistry in the UAE. Our highly skilled dentists and friendly team applies state of the art technology and the latest revolutionary treatment methods to give you a perfect smile. We are focused on your oral health as it is important to us that you are in trustworthy hands and feel comfortable in our care. Our doctors will prescribe cosmetic dentistry options such as full mouth oral restoration and rehabilitation only after a thorough checkup of the following

  • Teeth: The condition of your teeth will determine what restorative procedures may be needed, such as full mouth porcelain veneers or full-coverage crowns, inlays or onlays, bridges or implants restored with a crown. In particular, our dentist’s will make note of any cavities and decay, tooth wear, cracks, short/long teeth, root canal issues etc.
  • Periodontal (gum) tissues: If your gums are not healthy, you will most likely need scaling and root planning to treat periodontal diseases. Such treatments could involve soft tissue or bone grafts to build up your gums and underlying jaw bone. Our dentist’s will look for deep pockets, excessive or insufficient gum tissue, and bone density irregularities.
  • Temporomandibular joints (TMJ), jaw muscles and occlusion: A stable bite – one in which you are not in pain when you close your mouth or chew and one that does not cause wear or destruction of your teeth – is important to your overall oral health. You may require orthodontics or some other type of treatment (night guard or bite reprogramming orthotic) to correct occlusion before additional restorative procedures can be performed.
  • Esthetics: The color, shape, size and proportion of your teeth, and how they appear in relation to your gums, lips, mouth, side profile and face, are also important factors in full mouth reconstruction.

Park Avenue’s full pre-dental reconstruction services in Dubai.

Most reconstructions and mouth rehabilitations involve multiple phases and dental visits. The following procedures may be involved, depending on your needs:

  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning and periodontal care
  • Crown lengthening to expose healthy, sound tooth structure for possible crowns or bridges
  • Orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaw.
  • Contouring of the gum tissue to create balance and harmony in your smile.
  • Reduction of your natural tooth structure so crowns, bridges or veneers can be placed.
  • Placement of temporary restorations so you can become accustomed to your new teeth and the feel of your new mouth or bite alignment.
  • Placement of permanent restorations, such as crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays or bridges, made from ceramic, ceramic supported by metal or a combination of both.
  • Braces, in order to move your teeth into the optimal position for reconstruction.
  • Implant placement and restoration to replace missing teeth and/or anchor bridge restorations.
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting to enhance the stability of your teeth, proposed implants and/or other restorations.

If you think you need reconstruction, Contact US for a comprehensive examination. Our dentist will examine your mouth to determine the extent of the problem and the treatment options that can be used to correct it.